5 Ways To Combat Blue Monday with Goodness Goodies

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5 Ways To Combat Blue Monday with Goodness Goodies

Heard of Blue Monday? This year it falls on January 16th. Even if you aren’t familiar with the name you may have felt low, post Christmas and pre-spring.

According to the scientists blue monday is the most depressing day of the year as it is often when people are struggling financially, the weather is bad, and new years resolutions have failed already!

Never fear, because Goodness Goodies has five suggestions to help you combat the blues, read on for our top tips.

Why not try Veganuary?

Whether you’ve considered eating less meat before, the Veganuary challenge, a 31 day global Vegan challenge could be a great way to get inspired. We’ve written about the challenge before (Veganuary Challenge) and we fully believe that eating less meat can improve your energy levels, and help with your mood so why not give it a go, even for a few days this January.

Set yourself an eco-challenge
We all have tight budgets in January, so why not focus on doing something positive for the environment instead that costs only your time. Ecological parks like Stave Hill 
in South East London are always looking for volunteers to help keep the landscape neat and tidy for wildlife. Or why not take part in the RSPB Big Bird Watch and help track the variety of wildlife that visits your back garden or balcony on one day this year.

Buy local only in January
Local businesses are always glad of support, with the cost of living crisis affecting retailers as well as consumers any business you can give your local independents will be much appreciated. If you are trying Veganuary, why not save the money you’d spend on meat for local only purchases? For more on shopping local why not read Three Ways Goodness Goodies Can Help with The Cost of Living Crisis.

Try living in the dark ages!

Before electricity most people rose earlier and went to bed later, and there is all sorts of evidence that suggests that many would benefit from more sleep. At Goodness Goodies we love a candlelit evening where screens are banned and self care tops the list in the form of hot baths, including essential oils and a relaxing herbal tea before bed. For the rest of January why not try one night a week where you switch off all the tech and just relax?

Have a laugh!
Laughter has been linked to relaxation and social bonding for years, share a good joke with someone and you immediately feel closer, and happier! If you are looking for things to lift your mood this January why not consider gathering a few friends for a night at a comedy club like The Poodle Club in Sydenham tuning into the hilarious Scummy Mummy podcast or trying out any of the comedy shows offered on the streaming platforms, do you have a favorite already?

We wish you all a happy start to 2023, however you ease back in!