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What’s Goodness Goodies all about?

Making choices about food is important to many of us for ethical, religious and health reasons.

I learnt the importance of making these choices early. Growing up in a religious vegetarian family, food was and remains central to my sense of identity. My understanding of the importance of food has grown, when as a mother of my own family I’ve seen my husband and children develop food allergies, friends become vegetarians and vegans and witnessed the variety of allergies and intolerances that my children’s friends have.

Food is a serious matter for some of us, but there’s room for it to be fun. And that’s what I’m trying to do, sprinkling a little fun on all of our lives by giving you access to a range of carefully chosen treats that won’t be found on the High Street or from your average supplier.

While Dandies incredible vegan marshmallows are my biggest seller this is just the start of the road for me. I’ve started to sell a small but growing range of carefully selected ethical living items that meet my needs and beliefs and I hope yours too.

Launched in October 2012 Goodness Goodies has continued to grow steadily. What you’re looking at now is the current website – come back and look again – we’re growing!

Thank you, Mandy


Email Mandy at info@goodnessgoodies.co.uk

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