Carry on Glamping! The Climate Conscious Edition


Carry on Glamping! The Climate Conscious Edition

With a few bank holidays in May and June to look forward to, and Covid restrictions finally lifted, there is nothing left to stop us heading off to enjoy the Great British countryside.  We therefore, thought we’d dedicate this issue of our blog to give you our top tips for planning a fun trip that’s still friendly to the environment.

1. Where to stay

If it’s eco-friendly campsites you are after, is a fantastic resource.  There are 211 eco-camp sites throughout the UK, all designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

You can choose from those that allow dogs, are suitable for young children, and the essential for some – those that are near to a pub!

Pro Tip – before you head off why not stock up on Dandies vegan marshmallows to toast over the campfire, and pop some mini marshmallows on top of the kid’s hot chocolate?

2. What To Do

If you are planning to celebrate the Queens Jubilee with a party, you might want to consider a few of these tips to keep your activities eco-friendly.

  • What’s a royal occasion without bunting? The only issue is, a lot of it is made from plastic. You could consider making your own from old clothing, or purchasing some pre-made cotton bunting. If not, paper bunting works very well and then can be decorated by
    the kids as a something to keep them busy. Just need some string and staples to tie all together.
  • Swap disposable cups for stainless steel mugs or reusable glasses. These are much easier to use on a campsite anyway – wash and reuse and less waste.

If you are taking food with you to share, consider what you wrap it in. Clingfilm and foil are far from ideal, but reusable storage containers, or stainless-steel lunchboxes are much better when it comes to leaving less to recycle. We do also stock a variety of options to keep food fresh from biodegradable clingfilm and foil to reusable food wrap.

Pro Tip – we also stock a great range of compostable disposables from bowls, plates, cutlery sponges and more. These are great for picnic’s and camping as less washing and all items will biodegrade when left in the right conditions within 12 to 24 months.

3. What To See

Local businesses and attractions have had a pretty awful 2-year period, and all are really looking forward to meeting new customers.

Why not make a list before you go of all the places you’d like to take in before you arrive? Sites like Time Out are brilliant at giving checklists of suggested activities and often you get a great discount by booking ahead too.

We hope we’ve given you plenty to consider for planning and having a great time on your camping trip & we do hope you have wonderful long weekends.

Pro Tip – for ideas on planning to shop local whilst away why not read our blog on all the benefits.​

The Carbon Almanac

Carbon Almanac
Lastly, a really lovely idea by Seth Godin and others who have written a book that you can download for free which is designed to get children talking to their parents about the environment.

Thanks for reading, Mandy