dairy free chocolates

Children with allergies – how to make children feel included at special events?

The number of children with allergies in the UK has increased significantly over the past few decades. In almost every classroom there is a child who has some sort of food allergy, the most common allergens being milk and eggs.

Thankfully food producers and manufacturers have responded to the growing incidence of allergies and many more products are available for children and adults with restricted diets. Most supermarkets have well stocked organic sections as well as gluten free, wheat free and dairy free products.

Being diagnosed with a food allergy is just the first step. It can be very difficult for people to adapt their lifestyle and diet, and the more restrictive the diet is, the more difficult it is to adjust, especially for children. We have to be very careful in our house as my husband has a range of food allergies (fruits and nuts) and my daughters are also allergic to nuts. I remember reading about a child with a wheat allergy who was bullied at school for eating rice cakes as opposed to sandwiches like everyone else.

It can also be difficult for children at parties or special occasions like Christmas and Easter. Unless they are catered for, children with a dairy or egg intolerance have to pass on the birthday cake. A carrot stick can be a hard substitute to swallow.

Fortunately there are now delicious alternatives for children with allergies so they don’t have to miss out. There is a great selection of dairy free chocolate, gummy bears, lollipops, organic sweets and jellies.

Our online sweet shop stocks a wide range of organic and ‘free from’ brands which are suitable for children with allergies, vegetarians and vegans. Our brands include Moo Free, Biona, Dandies, Freedom Mallows, Plamil, Just Whole Foods, Mummy Meagz, Doisy & Dom, Dirty Cow, Booja-Booja, Creative Nature and Nomo to name just a few. Please do take a look at the wide range of dairy free alternatives leaving no child to feel like they are missing out.