Vegan & Dairy Free Easter Recipes with Goodness Goodies

Goodness Goodness - Vegan Easter Nests, Easter Mini Egg Rocky Road and Easter Tray Bake

Vegan & Dairy Free Easter Recipes with Goodness Goodies

The first bank holiday of 2024 is coming up, and it’s a great one if you love the sweeter side of life. So grab a cuppa and have a whizz through our top rated Easter bakes, that involve all of the lovely sweet treats that Goodness Goodies has to offer.

1. Vegan Easter Nests (cornflakes/rice crispies)

Vegan Easter nests using either cornflakes or rice crispy cakes are great for Easter. They’re simple to make and don’t need baking, making them a perfect on-theme Easter treat for children to help with.

Ingredients you’ll need:

– Vegan cornflakes or rice crispies
These can be quite hard to find. Kellogg’s Rice Crispies are not vegan because they include vitamin D3, which is derived from lanolin. This is the oil on sheep’s wool.

– Dairy-free chocolate
(check out the range on our partner site Coco’s Pantry)

– Chocolate eggs
We recommend either Mummy Meegz or Doisy and Dam Good Eggs. Mummy Meegz are now sold out but we do still have some Doisy & Dam Good Eggs available on our Easter shop page.

2. Easter Tray Bake
This easy tray bake features a chocolate sponge - covered in vegan fudge icing and topped with easter treats, a perfect opportunity to select some Moo Free’s Caramel Mini Egg Mayhem!

Ingredients you’ll need
– Flour
– Egg alternative
– Sugar and Dairy-free chocolate (check out the range on our partner side Coco’s Pantry)
– Chocolate eggs (we recommend Moo Free’s Caramel Mini Egg Mayhem!)
– Mummy Megz or Doisy and Dam Good Eggs
Vegan fudge

3. Mini Egg Rocky Road

Rocky road is a simple recipe that looks good and tasty great! We really like this recipe by Baked by Clo

Ingredients you’ll need:
Vegan dark chocolate
– Digestive biscuits
– Salted pretzels
– Mini vegan marshmallows

And there you have it, three delicious treats to complete your easter table.

However you choose to celebrate this Easter, we hope it’s delicious!


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