Eco Vibe Bamboo Biodegradable Cotton Buds, 100 buds


An easy change to make and swap out plastic cotton buds with these biodegradable and sustainable cotton buds. The Eco Vibe cotton ear buds are made from sustainably grown bamboo & cotton making them 100% biodegradable and come inside a 100% recyclable packaging.

Plastic cotton buds have been listed in the top 10 forms of ocean litter for years! But don’t worry, these organic cotton buds are biodegradable and completely plastic-free, making them a eco-friendly version.

Bamboo is super sustainable, growing up to 4 feet a day! It doesn’t need any pesticides or fertilisers to grow and is much more efficient at taking carbon dioxide and producing oxygen than trees. The Eco Vibe plastic-free bamboo cotton buds can be disposed of by simply throwing them into your organic waste or compost.

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– Plastic-free
– 100% natural materials
– Reduce plastic without changing your routine




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