Eco Vibe Washing Up Loofah (pack of 2 )


Eco Vibe Washing Up Loofahs are made from natural loofah plant layers. These are 100% bidegradeable, plastic free and non toxis to the environment. Thse washing up loofahs will last for month, use less soap and produce more suds. When immersed in water these loofahs will swell up and become spongy, flexible yet robust and will not scratch. It is ideal for washing-up, cleaning surfaces, chopping boards, baths, sinks, tiles, and taps. It can even be used on your body! It will last for months and when worn out can be composted. What’s even better? It doesn’t release microplastics into the environment.

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Ingredients & Allergen info

– Plastic free
– Sustainable
– Non scratch
– Compostable
– Biodegradable
– Hhighly durable



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