Evaness 100% Degradable White Pedal Bin Bags with Tie Handles 20-30 litres – 40 bags


The Evaness pedal bin bags come in a 20 to 30 Litres capacity, ideal for standard size pedal bins. These bin liners are 100% degradable containing EPI – TDPA.

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Environmental Products, Inc. is the leading provider of oxo biodegradable plastic additive technology, which allows treated plastics to decompose faster and fully. EPI promotes the use of their (TDPA) Totally Degradable Plastic Additives technology as a way to address plastic waste issues for biodegradability.

These Bin Bags have been created to the highest quality and designed for home or office use. A quality 20-30 litres capacity 100% degradable white pedal bin liner with tie handles, containing EPI-TDPA additive, which degrades the bag within 12-24 months when disposed of in the environment in the presence of oxygen and UV light.



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