Extra long bamboo roasting sticks pack of 8 individual sticks


These sticks are an impressive 51cms long and 5mm thick, so no risk of any fingers being burnt whilst toasting your marshmallows. These bamboo sticks are sturdy enough to be washed and reused.

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Bamboo extra long roasting sticks ideal for toasting your marshmallows around the campfire without the risk of burning.  These are an impressive 61cms long with a 5mm circumference.  Give the sticks a wipe or wash and no reason why they cant be reused.  A must for any toasting of marshmallows ideal for gardens or camping.

These come in a bundle of 8 sticks for £1.50.


Manufactures say

These Eco-Friendly Bamboo Sticks are ‘The Easiest Way to Roast Anything with Safety’. Whether you are going for camping or planning a special BBQ event, you are going to eat marshmallows, smores, vegetable kebabs and other culinary temptations. But how are you going to roast them safely without the right tools? If you are fed up with thin and poorly made roasting sticks that break, stick or carry a risk of you (or your children!) getting burnt, then you will love these Bamboo Roasting Sticks! Never worry about singed fingers.”

  • Strong and splinter-free roasting
  • Eco-friendly – made from 100% natural bamboo, skewers are fully biodegradable and considerate to the environment.
  • Kid-friendly – semi-pointed tips ensuring that you can pierce any food that needs roasting, while being assured that your kids are safe when handling the skewers.
  • Multipurpose roasting sticks
  • Perfect for marshmallows, corn on the cob, veg kebabs or desserts.
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Weight100 g


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