Organic cotton panty liners very light 24


The ‘time of the month’ is difficult enough without having to worry about what products we’re using. Sadly synthetic, mass-produced products are full of harmful chemicals and plastic. These pantyliners contain no synthetics, no harmful chemicals, no perfumes, no plastic!

Each liner contains 73% organic cotton and 27% biodegradable biopolymer derived from corn-starch (the waterproof back sheet) and the box is recyclable. Each liner is individually wrapped.

Ingredients & Allergen info

– Each pack contains 24 natural cotton liners
– Very light absorbency – perfect for very light flow
– Made with 100% certified organic cotton
– 100% natural and biodegradable
– No synthetics, no harmful chemicals, no perfumes
– Corn starch individual wrapping
– Soft and breathable
– Hypoallergenic



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