Re:gn Biodegradble Kitchen Sponges 2 Pack


Keep your kitchen clean and green with this pack of 2 biodegradable kitchen sponges. Made from sustainable wood pulp (plant cellulose), these sponges provide an eco-friendly cleaning solution without sacrificing effectiveness. Unlike traditional plastic sponges that are not recyclable and end up in landfills, these sponges are biodegradable and will decompose naturally over time.

These sponges are perfect for everyday use in your kitchen and can be used to clean dishes, countertops, appliances, and more. They are gentle on surfaces yet tough on dirt, grime, and stains. The pack of 2 ensures that you always have a spare sponge on hand.

Make the switch to this biodegradable alternative today and say goodbye to traditional plastic sponges that harm the environment. Keep your kitchen clean and green with these eco-friendly sponges.

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Ingredients & Allergen info

– Pack of 2 ergonomic biodegradable reusable kitchen sponges

– 100% biodegradable – made from wood pulp (plant cellulose)

– Absorbs up to 10 times of their weight

– Environmentally-friendly, reusable & fully biodegradable sponges

– Perfect for the kitchen and bathroom

– Each sponge: 115 (l) x 65 (w) x 30 (h) mm

Dyed using FDA organic pigment

Care Instructions:

Treat the sponge as any normal sponge. No special care is needed.

When the sponge is no longer useful in cleaning your dishes, throw the sponge at your best friends head. As long as the sponge lands on a patch of grass, it will biodegrade. If you want to speed up the breaking down of the sponge, simply bury it underground or put it in your home compost.If your council collects food waste for composting, you can also put the sponge in the food waste bin.



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