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These vegan stroopwafels are made from a traditional Dutch recipe that incorporates all the best flavours, yet all ingredients are plant based. The most authentic vegan stroopwafels you’ll find outside of The Netherlands, Stroop Club’s vegan treats are just as gooey and delicious as those made with dairy or eggs, but you’re getting a plant based stroopwafels. Enjoy these on their own, as a crumble with berries, or let the flavour sing out on top of a cup of tea or coffee. These vegan stroopwafels are so good they won the award for best vegan snack in the World Plant Based Taste Awards in London, October 2021.

Goodness Goodies are delighted to be the first company to bring you these stroopwafels direct from the US into the UK. Available for wholesale too, just drop us an email for details on wholesale prices and info.

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Ingredients & Allergen info

Unbleached wheat flour (enriched with niacin, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid), glucose syrup, sustainably sourced palm oil (from Colombia), non-bone char sugar, soy flour, molasses, sea salt, oat fibre, Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean extract, cinnamon, soy lecithin, baking soda.

Allergy Advice:
– Contains wheat and soy flour
– Contains palm oil from sustainable sources
– Vegan

Stroop Club’s Vegan Caramel Stroopwafels

There are times when we all need a little sweet treat, and on those occasions, only a stroopwafel will do, and this moreish, caramel-filled Dutch snack is now available for vegans, thanks to Stroop Club.

Let’s take a closer look at these golden brown, delicious sandwich discs, from their history, how they’re made and why we have made it easier than ever to get your hands on an authentic-tasting Dutch stroopwafel.

What’s in a name?

Originally named ‘Goudsewafel’, the biscuits were originally created in the same town that gave us Gouda cheese.

Although they are heavenly today, the first stroopwafels were seen as a poor man’s food, made from scraps and offcuts from the bakery that were so dry that syrup was used to hold them together.

Over the decades, the recipe has evolved into the yummy waffle we know and love today.

Are they German or Dutch?

The stroopwafel is definitely Dutch, and in the 13th century, they were taken so seriously that a guild was created, allowing artisans to bake these yummy waffles.

The Daelmans family bakery are among the country’s most well-known makers of waffles, and have been in business since 1907.

This company is responsible for the call to ‘wake the waffle’ by placing store-bought versions which of course are cold, over the top of a hot drink.

The steam warms up the biscuit and the filling, transforming the snack into a delicious blend of crispy and gooey gorgeousness, and gets you as close as possible to authentic Dutch stroopwafels!

Vegan versions

Stroop Club’s vegan versions contain no artificial colours and are made with unbleached wheat flour that’s been enriched with niacin, iron, thiamine, riboflavin and folic acid – who said a sugary treat couldn’t include good stuff?

They also contain glucose syrup, sustainably sourced palm oil from Colombia, non-bone char sugar, soy flour, molasses, sea salt, oat fibre, Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean extract, cinnamon, soy lecithin and baking soda.

The key ingredient: a waffle iron

People in the Netherlands probably knock up thousands of these syrup waffles every year, but if you fancy making stroopwafels, one of the key ingredients isn’t butter, yeast, eggs, flour or cinnamon.

It’s a waffle or pizzelle iron – and without the right kind, you won’t get the right waffle. You need one that has lots of small squares, rather than the big deep ones that you see in the larger waffles sold at the seaside, for example.

Brown sugar, cake flour and sugar syrup – a delicious combination!

Recreating the authentic taste of Dutch stroopwafels also means getting your hands on witte basterdsuiker, or caster sugar, zeeuwse bloem, or Dutch cake flour, and keukenstroop, better known as Dutch molasses, an alternative to maple syrup made from sugar syrup and glucose syrup.

You will also need bruine basterdsuiker (brown sugar) and roomboter, better known as unsalted butter.

Much easier to stock up with us! We offer nationwide delivery both in the UK, and beyond and aim to fulfil all orders by the next working day.

How do you eat a stroopwafel?

First things first, it’s worth waiting a couple of minutes so you can enjoy that characteristic sweet taste without burning your mouth – no delicious snack food should be painful!

You can dip your stroopwafel in a cup of your favourite hot beverage – warming them over a hot drink, such as a cup of tea or coffee is particularly popular.

Dunk it or fill it

You can dunk it in your fave plant milk, or vegan chocolate, fill it with vegan ice cream, or stuff it with additional items or ingredients, such as fruit or honey.

It’s up to you. You can stick to only our serving suggestions for your toasted waffles, or experiment with your own.

Why is a stroopwafel so good?

Stroop Club’s delicious snack isn’t just delicious, it’s sustainable and ethical, and lets you indulge your sweet tooth without loading up on artificial colours or compromising your principles.

From the crispy biscuit to the moreish caramel filling, they’re an indulgent treat from the first bite to the last.

PS If you’re looking for wholesale prices and information, just drop us an email at for details or call (00) 44 7796 932374.

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