Three Eco Friendly Ideas for a Great Picnic

Goodness Goodness - eco friendly ideas for a great picnic

Three Eco Friendly Ideas for a Great Picnic

Consider a local picnic spot

We are so lucky with what’s on our doorstep in South East London, from wonderful places like the Horniman Museum and Gardens to wilder spots like the huge grounds of Beckenham Place Park and even better we have a great transport system to take us to these places that doesn’t have to include a car.

If you enjoy cycling and have access to a bike, then planning a peaceful route that keeps off the main roads is a great way to arrive.

If you fancy going to the seaside the trains do also offer low cost travel at off peak times and can be a great way to see the country around us.

It’s all in the prep

Its very tempting to go with off-the-shelf snacks that are pre-packaged and easy. But, your wallet and the planet will thank you if you prepare everything you can from scratch at home. Veggie pies, big salads, cold pasta and rice dishes all work well at a picnic followed by refreshing fruit salad.

Reduce packaging and waste by only preparing what you need. Use reusable food wraps to wrap the food into or compostable cling wrap – both products are plastic free and can be reused.

If you’re running short of time, of course some grab and go items are what you need, and we do have products that are considering the planet with their wrapping. The perfect picnic snack are the delicious stroopwafels which are plant based and certified organic. The 8 pack are wrapped inside compostable wrapping and inside recycled paper plus idea for sharing.

Goodness Goodness - eco friendly ideas for a great picnic

If you are planning a picnic whilst camping then you must not forget your marshmallows and bamboo roasting sticks. The ones we have available are around 50cm long so no burnt fingers when toasting those marshmallows.

Finally, if you have generated any waste do bring an extra bag with you so that you can take it all home. Many parks struggle to accommodate the extra litter we make when the sun shines.

And that’s it, nothing else to think about except to enjoy a nice day in the sun, surrounded by family and friends.

I feel a picnic coming on!


Goodness Goodness - eco friendly ideas for a great picnic