goodness goodies 3 ways to save on bills

Three Ways Goodness Goodies Can Help with The Cost of Living Crisis

In the last few months, the cost-of-living crisis has been impossible to miss in the media. Energy and food have both gone up, and if you use a petrol fueled car, prices were at record highs until recently.

Goodness Goodies believes that small changes can amount to big differences, and that’s why we want to reassure you that right now, you can still live a green lifestyle, focusing on the things you care about, without blowing the budget. It just takes a little thought and planning.

3 Goodness Goodies Eco-Living Tips to Help Your budget
1. Turn off the lights in the evening and use candles to light the room
As nights draw in and evenings out become less enticing, everyone wants to feel cosy at home. 

Whether you’re tackling the latest Netflix box-set or chilling out with a drink, we want to enjoy our evening hours and keep costs down. 

With a warm blanket on the sofa, hot drinks at the ready, and maybe even a hot water bottle to keep you nice and toasty, you might do without the heating for a few hours. Even turning the temperature down just by one degree will save you money. 

To create a comforting glow in your living room, how about ditching the lamps and using candle light instead? 

Goodness Goodies recommends our hand poured and unique vegan soy wax candles, from Wicked Candle Co which burn for around 8 hours, this really is an economy tip you won’t mind at all. Just remember to never leave candles unattended.

2. Invest in reusable products – save money on every use
When you plan a shop it’s often everyday essential items like shampoo, shower gel, soap and beauty wipes that can add plastic to your basket, and cost to your total. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Shampoo and conditioner bars like these Suma Conditioner Bar are a great way of reducing the plastic you use day to day, and they last for around 60 to 80 washes compared with a shampoo bottle which on average lasts for 25 to 35 washes. The shampoo and conditioner bars are also much easier for travelling with as they lighter and wont leak in your bag.

Reusable bamboo makeup remover pads are a one-off cost instead of a monthly one, plus they are so much better for the environment. Cotton wool pads are water thirsty and so much is used in the making of these. They often have a layer of plastic on the top so the pads can keep their shape and then the usually sold in plastic. Once used even though they are made from cotton, because of the plastic coating, they don’t biodegrade so impact the environment even further. So where you can make the switch to reusable makeup pads. These wash up well and I have one that I use solely for removing nail polish.

It’s not just personal beauty items that can add up, we recommend trying our kitchen cleaning range because every item lasts longer, and has less impact on the environment at the end of its natural life. Compostable sponges and Eco Vibe non-scratch (even on non-stick pans) scrub pads will save you a considerable amount over the course of a year’s use plus zero waste is created and these sponges will all biodegrade in your food waste within a short time.

3. Shop local – Keep Your Neighbourhood Economy Thriving
Post pandemic we all live a more local life. Lots of people work from home for at least part of the week, & big businesses are well aware of this. 

Companies like Pret A Manger have launched local marketing strategies where they have focused on opening branches in areas near me such as East Dulwich, rather than new branches in the city centres. But just because the chains are growing into your area, it doesn’t mean you can’t support the independents too. It may feel like your local zero waste shop is more expensive than a supermarket, but I often find this is not always the case.

 Whether you visit farmers markets like that held at the Horniman Museum gardens, where Goodness Goodies has a stall, or using local shops and services that will deliver to your home on a bicycle, you’re not only saving money on travel costs, you’re supporting businesses in your area, helping them to thrive.

If you want to know more about any of the products or services mentioned, feel free to get in touch on we would love to hear from you.