Happy Halloween

What to do with a packet of marshmallows this Halloween

Halloween this year comes at the end of my children’s half term. This meant we had a bit of time to experiment with a packet of marshmallows. We chose easy Halloween treats to make with each of my girls completing one thing.

Here is a summary with photos of what we did. My eldest made Crispy Marshmallow Monsters

80g of plant-based butter we used Vitalite
180g marshmallows we used Dandies vegan marshmallows mini
150g any brand of rice crispies/rice pops

1 . Toast rice pops in frying pan/saucepan for 4 – 5 mins on medium heat – careful not to burn.

2 . Melt your plant-based butter. Once melted add the marshmallows stirring all the time until melted. Melt the marshmallows on low heat so as not to burn.

3 . Once melted add the toasted rice crispies.

4 . Stir crispies into marshmallow fluff

5 . Place onto a baking tray that has been lined with greaseproof paper and flatten

6 . Leave to harden in a cool place for a couple of hours.

7 . Once hardened start to decorate and create ghost shapes or in our case rectangle ghosts.

Whilst marshmallow monsters were being made, the youngest child was busy decorating her marshmallows. We used Dandies vegan marshmallows again and an edible pen. The marshmallows are very easy to draw on and it’s a great activity to do with a young person. They simply draw or write on the marshmallows, pop onto a cocktail stick and leave spread out on a plate like we have done or they could be popped into a glass and left upright.

Dandies vegan marshmallows are available on our online store.