Why make small changes?

Where to begin – at the start of course! The internet is awash with advice about how to make a change to a plastic free life from bloggers and experts.  Some of us will be lucky – able to dedicate time to changing lifestyles and purchasing decisions over night.  Most of us will need time to make changes – introducing one change at a time and embedding that change into our personal and family life.  It’s the concept of pragmatic and sustained evolution and transition over painful and often failed revolution that we think is key.
It’s that concept of gradual change and evolution that underpins our ethos – small changes do over time make a big difference.
Caring for the environment that supports us – whether that’s walking and cycling when we can, insulating our homes, fitting draught excluder and double glazing or choosing plant-based solutions and plastic free products all add up.  These small changes do add up to make a big difference – even if they seem tiny at first.

So, here’s our advice about making change to reduce plastic use – it’s the same as for solving any problem:

•       Divide the change up – a series of smaller changes are easier to make and easier to maintain than one big change
•       focus on areas in your life where you can make easy small changes whether that’s at home or at work
•       Embed the change, grow your confidence and tackle the next big change.
•       Recognise what you’ve done and the change you’ve made – positive reinforcement works!

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